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About Excavator buckets

  Excavator buckets provided by A&S not only can meet your digging needs,
but also committed to providing you the best quality products and services.
Professional design and ultra-wear-resistant materials make our products
maximum to meet your operating needs.
  Adhering to the concept of "green production",A&S owns the adwantages of
procucts.The excavator buckets here are a plurality of types.All of the 
current bands and its models of excavators always can be matched a suitable
As the strength of the working conditions,General duty buckets,Heavy duty
buckets and rock buckets can be fond here.
  According to the different operating environment,buckts here have been
divided into five series.So you can find the suitable bucket for your machine.

1.EAB series (Earthmoving buckets)

This series buckets are available to the light operating environment for clay mining
and sand, soil, gravel loading.They have a larger bucket mouth with larger stowage
surface.So operaters can save some time and have a high effeciency.

2.RB series (Heavy duty rock buckets)

RB series is designed for digging work of rocks.It adapts to the soil mixed with harder
stones, times flint, wind fossil excavation.Besides, its digging performance is better
and the economy is more prominent.
3.DB series (Ditch buckets)

It's a ditch btcket and can be applied to the excavation of a variety of shapes ditch.
Trenching once forming without trimming and it have a high effeciency.
4.CR series (Cleaning buckets)

Cleaning buckets for all kinds of excavators.Apply to the trimming work of slopes and
clean the river and ditch.
5.GR seties (Excavator grapples)

GR seties is a grapple for the excavators.It's available to the digging work of  building
foundations,and deep trenching.Besides,it also can be used to load some loose material such
as coal, sand, cement and gravel