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About Excavator ripper

A & S provides Caterpilliar, CASE, Hitachi and other brand corresponding model excavator rippers

repeat themselves.Excellent quality and production technology to ensure theuse of your mind

at ease.

We provide excavator rippers contains the following five series, to provide you with the profe

-ssional standard security.

1. CR(Clay soil excavator rippers)

Features and potential benefits:

1. CR series is capable of meeting a variety of clay soil to work.

2. The clay geology under a variety of working conditions can be easily crushed

3. Save more human labor

4. To help you complete the job in a short period of time

2. SR (Sandy soil excavator rippers)

Features and potential benefits:

1. SR CR series excavator rippers suit to operate in sandy soil

2. Excavator buckets combine with the rippers is easy to cut soil in the

complex environmental conditions

3. Suitable for a variety of brands and their corresponding models excavator

3. GR (Gravel soil excavator rippers)

Features and potential benefits:

1. GR sieries is designed for the excavators wok in the harsh conditions,especially

in the grave soil

2. Rippers able to accurately insert the soil contains a large number of gravel, then

easily to crush.

3. Don’t worry about your machine weared,because the best casting material

making you operate at ease.

4. Crushed gravel everywhere smoothly to the next step job.

4. GER (Geotechnical excavator rippers)

Features and potential benefits:

1. Different from the general ripper, the GER series excavator rippers have a powerful

pulverizing and processing capacity

2. This highly versatile attachment can also be used to remove stumps, roots, or re-bar.

The Ripper's single point tooth style is ideal for penetration of various tough environments.

3. Targeted design and hard casting materials make the rippers cut in rock soil accuratly

and crush it easily.

4. Applicable to a variety of tonnage excavators