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About Quick attach

Quick Couplers increase the versatility of excavators; allowing the ease of changing work
tools to meet job requirements at hand in a matter of minutes or seconds. Professional
coupler buckets have no loss of tip radius, and develop maximum breakout force.

Picks different direct fit different brand excavator buckets. Bucket utilization in both
face shovel position and normal back hoe position. Perfect match for breakers and thumb.
Besides,simplified operation allows quicker tool change regardless of boom or stick

The quick couplers we provide fit all tons excavators,you can always find the attachment
for your machine.

A1 series
    A1 series quick couplers are designed for excavators less than 10 tons.

A2 series
    A2 series quick couplers fit 10-20 tons excavators.

B1 series
    B1 series quick attach can be used on 20-30 ton excavators.

B2 series
    B2 series quick couplers are so strong to connect some attachments on excavators
more than 30 tons.