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About Excavator shears

   A&S is pleased to announce the introduction of excavator shears. As a key attachment for
excavators,shears have been used under a variety of industrial environments.

   For the needs of customers,A&S provides shears products for the current popular brands and 
models of excavators.Caterpilliar,CASE,KOMATUS,HITACHI,VOLVO and some well-known brand 
excavators in China.

   Excavator shears we offer are extremely efficient in right of way maintenance.Excavator
shears are divided into different categories according to their different work environment.
Some products are used urban demolition,forest work and construction. So different types of
excavator shears can be find in our warehouse.

   For the convenience of your choice,our products are divided into the following three series.
You can always find the correct products for your excavator.

1.UD series (Excavator shear for urban demolition)

  UD series excavator shears have been disigned for excavators working in urban demolition.
  They can be used for demolishing steel constructions, for scrapping vehicles, railway wagons, 
  containers, ships or aircrafts as well as for cutting industrial and mixed scrap, tires,
  cables, and concrete armoring.

2.FO series (Excavator shear for forest operation)

  FO series excavator shears are applicable to forest operation and mainly including a variety 
  of models and types of tree shears.Ideally suited for right-of-way maintenance, general land 
  clearing, thinning and hazardous fuels reduction programs. 

3.CS series (Excavator shear for construction)

  FO series excavator shears are designed for cutting light to medium sized material such as 
  structural steel, pipe, rebar, tires and concrete. Especially apply to the construction.