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About Excavator rake attachments

As a key attachment for excavators,rakes have been used under a variety of
work environments.Our production rake bucket generally have multiple fingers,
as little as four or five teeth, as many as twelve teeth.
For the needs of customers,A&S provides excavator rake products for the current
popular brands and models of excavators.Caterpilliar,CASE,KOMATUS,HITACHI,VOLVO and
some well-known brand excavators in world.In addition,products here can be installed
on different tons excavators(excavatoe weight:2-30 tons).
According to the different work environment,rakes for excavators have been devided
into three series.So you can always find the fuitable products for your excavators.

1.OR series

  OR series excavator rakes have been used to loose ordinary soil.Mainly addapt to the
flat farmland and woodland.The products will make your excavator to do clearing easily.
Coupled with an thumb, you will have an open tine grapple that surpasses all standard
grapples in its ability to be controlled.

2.HR series

  HR series excavator rakes are available to fit virtually all machines to loose some
hard soil.Especilly,its strong function will be showed when you operate your machine
in mountain or some drier areas.

3.WFR series

  For a specific operating environment,we designed WFR series rakes for all brands and
tons excavators.They can be opertated flexiblly to loose wind fossils in some higher
ground.The rake’s long, tough, teeth are built of high-strength heat-treated alloy steel
for years of heavy-duty land loosing and clearing service.