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About Excavator hydraulic breakers

A useful tool, a hydraulic breaker is a powerful percussion hammer fitted to an excavator for

demolishing concretestructures or rocks. The hydraulic breaker is powered by a hydraulic feed
from the excavator, and is also known as a rock breaker, hydraulic hammer, and a hoe ram. Every
attachmentis your online source for powerful hydraulic breakers to fit your excavator!

1.MH series (Hydraulic breakers for mining)

    Features and potential benefits:
        1.MH series excavator hydraulic breakers are designed specifically for
           the exploitation of mines.
        2.Applies to quarrying,mining,recrushing,grizzly crusher
        3.Fits to all model of excavators
        4.Effective dust protection, automated lubrication and double tool retainer
           bars help to increase breaker availability, lifetime and resale value.

2.MEH series (Hydraulic breakers for metallurgy)

    Features and potential benefits:
        1.MEH series excavator hydraulic breakers are applies to metallurgy,
           especially clearing slag, demolition of furnace and foundation
        2.Powerful crushing capacity makes your job easier
        3.Have excellent power-to-weight ratio

3.TH series (Hydraulic breakers for transportation construction)

    Features and potential benefits:
        1.TH series hydraulic breakers for excavators are mainly applicable to
           transportation construction, including road and rail
        2.Easily broke the hard cement pavement
        3.Widely used in tunneling, demotion of bridge, foundation Work

4.CH series (Hydraulic breakers for construction)

    Features and potential benefits:
        1.CH series excavator hydraulic breakers are especially suit to the construction
        2.Old einforced and concrete will be crushed easily
        3.Unique gas-charged piston maximizes hammer efficiency
        4.Simple, two-moving-parts design for reliability

  We also provide other environmental hydraulic breakers.such as clearing clam,
  trust from the hull and breaking frozen mud.We are fully able to meet your needs.